man in blue crew neck t-shirt standing on track field during daytime
man in blue crew neck t-shirt standing on track field during daytime


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Rafal Murawski is a highly skilled and dedicated professional soccer coach with a wealth of experience in both playing and coaching at various levels of the sport. With a proven track record in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and manufacturing, he has demonstrated his versatility and passion for success both on and off the field.

Education & Coaching Qualifications:

Murawski graduated with an Associate's Degree in Business from the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI), where he earned an impressive 3.62 GPA. He went on to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Rhode Island (URI), where he maintained a 3.42 GPA. Murawski has also earned a variety of soccer coaching qualifications, including USSF F, E, D, C, B Licenses, Director of Coaching certification, and several other advanced courses in applied sport psychology, leadership, and neuroscience.

Coaching Experience:

Murawski has extensive experience managing and coaching professional, collegiate, and high school youth soccer teams. Currently is with The New England Revolution Academy as a Coach for their Elite Player Pathway Program.

As a head coach, he has successfully led multiple teams to victory, including the 2008 boys team Mach 1 FC and the La Salle Middle School boys team. Additionally, he has served as an assistant coach for the CCRI men's team and as a coach for the New England Revolution Academy. Murawski has also held the role of Director of Coaching at Mach1FC in Rhode Island, where he oversaw all coaching and player development.

International Semi-Professional Soccer Player:

Murawski began his successful semi-professional soccer playing career in 1999-2000 and continued until 2014-2015, where he played for various teams, including Prokocim Krakow and Orzel Przeworsk in Poland, Lusitania Sport FC Italia and Dinamo da Brava in East Providence, RI, and Three Bridges Football Club in England. He was recognized with several awards and honors, including being selected to the Region All-Star Teams in Poland from 1993-1998 and the Rhode Island All-Star Team from 2006-2007. Additionally, he was named to the USA National Amateur League Team in 2006-2007.

Manufacturing & Sales Experience:

In addition to his soccer coaching expertise, Murawski has owned and operated several successful businesses, including Fit Club Gym and Fitness Center in Lezajsk, Poland, and RTS ALU Spoika Z Ograniczona in Podkarpackie, Poland. In these roles, he managed all aspects of the business, including payroll, bookkeeping, employee work schedules, and inventory management. He also oversaw the training of members and staff and enforced fitness center rules and procedures.

In summary, Rafal Murawski is a versatile and skilled soccer coach with a wealth of experience in playing, coaching, and entrepreneurship. His focus on achieving goals with integrity and his customer service mindset make him an ideal candidate for any soccer team.

head coach


Jason Marika is an accomplished soccer coach with extensive experience in both playing and coaching. He began his soccer journey with UK Academy Football, where he honed his skills as a player before moving on to Non-League Premier Division Central and the UPSL.

With a passion for coaching, Jason began his career as an ODP Coach before moving on to become a Player Development Coach for the New England Revolution. He also worked as a Development Coach for Cambridge United.

Jason's credentials speak to his dedication to coaching and his commitment to ongoing education. He holds a United States Soccer Federation National C-License, a (UK) Football Association Level 1 Coaching and Talent Identification license, and multiple Professional Football Scouts Association licenses in Performance Analysis, Technical Scouting, Talent Identification, Opposition Analysis, and Advanced Reporting. Additionally, Jason has completed AnalyiSport's Analysis for Player Development and Creating Data Profiles course.

Jason's education is also impressive, with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and an MSc in Sports Coaching.

With his vast knowledge and experience, Jason Marika is a sought-after soccer coach who has helped countless players develop their skills and achieve their goals.



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