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Perception is key in soccer, and we help our players develop their ability to read the game and anticipate the movements of the opposing team. Through various drills and exercises, we improve our players' perception skills and help them make quick decisions on the field.


Positioning is essential to success in soccer, and our program focuses on teaching players how to position themselves effectively on the field. We help players understand how to create space, mark their opponents, and support their teammates to maximize their effectiveness on the field.


Possession is crucial in soccer, and we help our players develop their ability to control the ball and maintain possession. Through various drills and exercises, we improve our players' ball control skills and help them understand how to maintain possession of the ball.


Pressure is a constant factor in soccer, and our program helps players develop the ability to handle pressure effectively. We teach players how to handle pressure situations, maintain composure, and make quick decisions under pressure.


Progression is essential in soccer, and our program helps players progress their skills over time. We provide our players with a progressive training plan that helps them develop their skills at their own pace and reach their full potential.


Our program emphasizes the importance of playing the game of soccer with joy and passion. We encourage our players to enjoy the game and play with enthusiasm and a positive attitude..

problem solving

Finally, problem solving is an essential skill that should be developed during a kid's training session as it helps them become critical thinkers and better decision-makers.

According to research, problem-solving skills are critical to success in both personal and professional life. Children who develop strong problem solving skills can analyze situations, identify potential solutions and choose the best course of action.

"Practice is for 1000 decisions rather than 1000 "touches".

This quote highlights the importance of problem solving during practice instead of just focusing on repetitive drills, coaches should create exercises that challenge players' decision-making abilities.


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